Caves of Passion #4 is AVAILABLE NOW

Caves of Passion: An Erotic Stone Age Serial

It is 10,000 BC. Life in the southern lands of Central Europe is nasty, brutish and short. Tarik, the master hunter of the Wali People, shares his hut with his three wives. Naffi, the first wife and child-bearer. Sahni, the second wife and oral specialist. And Ruwi, his newest wife, is being still being trained and broken in.

Outside the safety of the Wali village, life is full of danger. Predators at every turn: wolves, lions, bears, sabertooths. And other humans. The vicious, orgiastic Bakku tribe are not far off and getting closer. And the matriarchal Angawi tribe, who capture and cage men for only one purpose.

Part 4: The Enemy Orgy

Naffi wakes, unable to find Tarik or Ruwi. While looking for her husband up at the cave, she runs into someone much more to her liking.
Far from the safety of Wali Territory, Tarik continues his search for his youngest wife, Ruwi. Rather than finding her he comes across another village. He had left home without his club, without his spear, without even a dagger. The only weapon he has is the one between his legs.

In This Chapter:

Anal sex (MM, MF)
Gay sex
Oral sex (MM)
Rough sex
Vanilla sex


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